Creative Painter 2008

Creative Painter 2008 2008

Educational painting tool for your kids

Creative Painter is a useful tool to enhance creative skills on your kids. Using this tool you can challenge and educate your children with painting games. Creative Painter is an easy to use tool even for your kids. This application contains different kid size graphics tools for your children to experiment and create works of art. Your children will be able to create attractive pictures by exercising its creativity. Creative Painter has engaging cartoon characters to entertain your kids for hours, unlike static coloring books. This tool lets your kids to add animated images like swaying flowers, swimming fishes, flying butterflies and barking dogs. It has more than 20 drawing tools that include marker pen, crayon, paintbrush, spray paint, chalk, among other tools. Your children can choose one of the more than 50 background pictures to decorate their creations. They will be able to add different shapes, gradients, textures, colors, and more to their drawings. If you have a Wacom tablet you can use it for these drawings because this application has support for that device. Creative Painter is a complete set of tools to enhance creativity on your kids.